Regular Care

We come to your home on a regular basis, or when you book us.

Red Zebra is providing in-home childcare to a growing number of families for many different reasons, for example:

  • Mum and Dad both work shifts and sometimes cross over – we fill the gaps with a regular carer, providing consistency for the little ones.
  • Mum is studying & Dad is working – we care for the children on Uni day and sometimes a study day near exams!
  • Busy Mum & Dad just need a break and time together. She goes to the beautician or for coffee with friends, he goes to golf. Then they meet for lunch. Children have their fun with one of our carers.
  • Group of 3 mums take turns in hosting children at their house one day a week. They use the time to run their household and clear their heads for the week ahead!

If you would prefer in-home care for your family, during the hours that suit your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.