Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Childcare Services provided by Red Zebra

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WHEREAS the parties agree as follows:

  1. The Client acknowledges that Carers are not employees of Red Zebra and that the Carers are independent contractors.
  2. Red Zebra conducts a thorough interview process and as required by law conducts a “Working with Children” check carried out by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People however Red Zebra does not give any warranty concerning the character of the Carers introduced. It is the responsibility of the client to accept and approve the suitability of Carers introduced. If the client has any concerns regarding the suitability of the Carer they should contact Red Zebra immediately.
  3. For Privacy and Safety reasons please do not ask Red Zebra Carers for their personal telephone numbers or contact details. They will be in breach of their contract if they provide this information to you resulting in termination of their contract.
  4. Red Zebra accepts no responsibility for any damage, injury expense or loss caused by any Carers referred to the client by Red Zebra.
  5. The client must complete a Client Information & Authorisation Form prior to leaving the child or children in the care of the Carer.
  6. If your child has any special needs or requirements (eg. Medical conditions, toilet training requirements, allergies etc.) advise the Carer immediately.
  7. Payment is to be made to the Carer at the conclusion of each appointment and payment can only be made in cash (no credit cards or cheques). The payment is to be made at the conclusion of the appointment in accordance with the rate fees.
  8. The Carer will not remove a child from the residence and/or accommodation unless there is express written consent by the client authorising the Carer to allow the child to participate in outdoor activities.
  9. If there are further appointments organised by the parties after the signing of this agreement the parties acknowledge that these terms and conditions will apply to such further appointments.